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I coudn't read a word until the 3rd grade.  One day, I picked up a simple 'reader' and, BOOM!

It must have been overnight because one day I couldn't make heads nor tales out of words, then, the next day, not only could I read almost every word, but, I could spell words I was quite sure I had never seen before.  I never became a spelling bee champion, but, I fell in love with words.  This site shares some of my favorite words.  Oh! By the way.  I love putting some of my words into music.  Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear from you.


  • About Maria (Fiction-Mystery)
  • An Hour to Kill (Short Stories)
  • Shadoe (a fairytale) - audio version also available
  • The Innkeeper (Fiction-Mystery)


  • Eclecentric (Revised)  also available in audio
  • Fogey Rock I&II

All books and poetry, as well as my CDs "Midnight" and "Whatever Happened To" are available at Amazon.com, Audible and most retailers.