About Maria


Steven was honest about his past. Completely, Honest! Maria? Not so much. But, Sheriff Penny Rodney, the county's first female Sheriff, wasn't completely honest about her feelings, either. 



I placed my right hand against the thick glass separating Maria and me in the visitor’s room of the San Bernardino County jail. Maria did the same with her left hand. My other hand twitched as I reached for the phone on the wall, not knowing if I would have the strength to lift the handle to begin talking to the woman who had changed my life. I saw the held-back tears in Maria’s dark eyes, proving to me by the same held-back tears in my own eyes that the pleasure of seeing each other was going to be too much to bear.

We knew that the glass and walls (and guards) - would make it impossible for us to hold each other.

I blinked, causing a flood of tears to rush from my eyes. My body began to shake and, in my breathlessness, the receiver slipped from my hand and dropped from its cradle. The phone hit hard on the stainless steel ledge that ran along the bottom of the window. The few people in the room didn’t seem to notice my clumsiness – as if it must have happened all the time.