An Hour To Kill

Short Stories (Fiction)

This is a unique compilation of short stories based around the theme: An Hour to Kill. With the popularity (and ease of use) of electronic book readers, book enthusiasts are returning to novels and short stories. This work is perfect for the avid electronic book reader who thirsts for an hour to kill with a good book. This book is inspired by those readers, and, was written as an eclectic arrangement of short stories that can be read in (about) an hour’s time, depending on your own reading style.


  My day started with a Sunday morning drive down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). The sun was just starting to push its power out of the east over the mountains, heading for battle with the thick marine layer that, although unusual for summertime, rolls effortlessly in from the Pacific to cloud-over the shoreline, then, on to the villages, towns and highways of the LA basin. The sun and fog will battle for dominance for the next couple of hours, but, I know that, eventually, the spoils will go to me – and, Kathy, if she can make it – as I enjoy the day at the beach, anticipating her arrival.