Eclecentric (Revised)

The incomplete, Unrequited, and (perhaps) Irreverant Works of E. Hyland Maze

A collection of poetry, lyrics, and rantings and ravings about many subjects.

Available in Book or Audio


Sixty westbound, on the brakes 

Not sure I’d have it any other way ‘Cause when I head out, at the end of the day

I head for my SoCal Oasis   

The sun rises in my rearview mirror 

The fog is thick, like one giant tear 

But, soon the sun will paint the evening sky 

Almost as beautiful as my baby’s eyes 

The morning fog can bring some people down 

But, sooner or later, that sunny sky will come around 

Yeah, the morning drive is a pain in the rear 

But, I’ve got good reason to live out here 

The cold and snow that I left behind 

Well, I can visit them anytime 

But, I prefer my SoCal Sunshine….