Shadoe (and the Dweebs) adventure in the Land of Waz

  Here begins the story of Shadoe Waz: Her life and times in the land that would be named in her honor; her self-exile from the control of Wicked Queen Squippache; and, her adventures in the Dark Forest.  In this tale, you will, also, meet the Dweebs, Fuzzy the Bear, Sheriff Sadie and a host of other delightful creatures.  And, for the first time in decades, introducing Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Floor, a mere reflection of his Great, Great, Great, Grandfather.  

Available in Book and Audio Form


  "So, what is this little girl's name?" she asked, her back still facing toward Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Floor. Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Floor, of course, did not answer.  Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Floor was not allowed to watch people unless they were looking at him - it would be considered rude.  Besides, the backside of the Queen turned him off, and, when a mirror is turned off, it can't hear - everybody knows that. Queen Squippache remembered that, so, she turned around to snap Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Floor back on.  "So, what is this little girl's name?" she repeated. "It is Shadoe Waz."  Then, he added, "My Queen."